Service Details

Temporary storage of bones

We temporarily take care of the remains in our own ossuary in Tokyo. Our ossuary is located in a temple in Minami-senju where the head priest has been volunteering for the poor for many years.
The brand new ossuary in temple, which has hardened housing and locked door, protects the ashes from the wind and rain, so you can leave them safely. You can visit the temple whenever you like.

This course includes up to the cost of enshrinement after 3 years. Includes storage fee, bone storage fee, perpetual enshrinement memorial service fee, and burial fee. (Wake, funeral service, and memorial service are not included.

Renewal is on a yearly basis. The maximum period of custody is 3 years. If we are unable to contact the deceased for more than one year, we will take responsibility for enshrining the deceased. (Wake, funeral service, and memorial service are not included.

Please contact us for details as there are our terms and conditions for use.

scattered ashes of the sea

Discretionary scattering: 98,000 yen (tax included)

Cannot be accompanied
Includes bone crushing
Includes bone scattering and photo-taking at the time of bone scattering.
Includes photo shooting at the time of bone scattering.
Ceremony sequence: Departure from the ship – Arrival at the scheduled sea area – Silent prayer – Bone scattering – Flower offering, water offering, sake offering, food offering – Gassho (silent prayer) – Prayer after cruising around the sea area for bone scattering.
Please inquire if you would like to use other methods of scattering ashes.

Introduction and brokerage of graves

We will find a grave site that meets your requirements, mainly in the Kanto area.

For details, please contact us.

the others

I would like to transfer the remains overseas (including embalming).

I want to bring the remains overseas.

I want to bring remains from abroad.

I want to have my remains scattered in the sea.

I want to have a permanent memorial service.

I am looking for a cemetery or funeral service for my pet.

I want to prepare documents related to funerals and cemeteries.

Please contact us for more details.

■ When the body is to be transported overseas

Obtain a death certificate. We will prepare the necessary documents, notify the consulate, and obtain certification. At the same time, we will also complete the necessary procedures with the airline company. Depending on the country, an English translation of the death certificate may be required, or a consular officer may need to be present when the remains are packed.

■To take the remains overseas
First, please inquire with the airline company you will be using to confirm about bringing the remains on board an airplane. In addition, specific procedures may be required when bringing the remains to the other country. Required documents and regulations are stipulated by each country, so please check in advance.

In the case of the U.S.

When bringing in the remains of an American citizen, an English death certificate issued by the embassy or consulate is required.

In the case of the Philippines

When transferring remains to the Philippines, a death certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and a cremation permit certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan are required.

In the case of transferring remains from overseas to Japan
An “Application for Reburial Permit” is required. The applicant must fill out an application for a Reburial Permit at the local government office in his/her area of residence, and once a Reburial Permit is issued, the remains can be brought into Japan.
The application can also be made at the local government of the area where the ashes are to be delivered, but the document review process may be difficult.

In addition, depending on the local government, you may be asked to submit documents such as a certificate of acceptance, death certificate, cremation certificate, a copy of the family register, and a Japanese translation of the death or cremation certificate.